datHKG - 最好既高登app

The best Android HKGolden reader yet.


  • Why should I use datHKG?

    It's because it provides a lot of well-written functions. The app itself is frequently updated.

  • What kinds of functions does datHKG have?

    - 發貼記錄
    - 閱讀貼文記錄
    - 留名同步
    - 今期流行 (http://grabgold.tk提供)
    - 中轉伺服器
    (連平時上唔到高登既SmarTone user都可以上到高登 #hehe# )
    - 睇圖打包
    - 貼內搜尋 (字詞/會員名稱/會員ID)
    - 自訂Icon
    - 顯示貼文引用關係
    - 貼文快取
    - GIF
    - 點選載入圖片
    - 按圖片大小/網絡自動載入圖片
    - 封鎖會員
    - 樓主模式
    - 只顯示該選取會員回覆
    - 完整個人檔案 (賜酒派膠 / 會員資料欄位更改)
    - 改高登膠名/改密碼
    - 開post回post草稿
    - 私隱密碼保護
    - 圖片上載 (na.cx, holland.pk提供)
    - 圖片壓縮
    - 私人訊息
    - 留名新回覆自動檢查
    - 新私人訊息自動檢查
    - 版面主題 (可使用其他高登App的topic list layout)
    - 自訂顏色
    - 分身

  • Why is datHKG removed from Google Play?

    It's because of a DMCA which is issued by HKGolden's site owner.

  • I have bought datHKG's Ad removal by IAP, why is it still showing advertisments?

    Please go to Settings -> click Remove Ad. If datHKG wants you to pay again, please find me on Facebook page or https://dathkg.wtako.net/restore-purchase.

  • Where can I buy Ad removal?

    Please use datUnlocker on Google Play.

  • When would there be a new version?

    1. Bugs spotted
    2. Too many ideas
    3. Stopped being lazy

  • FC!

    All FCs will usually be reported to Crashlytics automatically so that I can try and catch the exceptions in future.

  • Bug(s)!

    Find me on Facebook page.

  • IOS?


  • (<= 0.0.8l) Adult forum?

    It requires you to login to unlock such a forum.
    You can also select #6 #8 #9 in any topic to unlock the forum.

  • Facebook page?

    See below the download button.

  • I can't load any posts!

    Not my problem. It's either HKGolden's server is down again, or they decided to troll me by changing and breaking things.

  • My carrier is SMT. I can't load any posts!

    Not my problem. HKGolden has a strict yet useless per-IP rate-limit system.

    You can try:
    1. Change IP (turning off and on data)
    2. Use HKGPX
    3. Use wifi or VPN

  • What is HKGPX and how can I use it?

    HKGPX is a proxy system dedicated to HKGolden servers.
    HKGPX is located at Settings -> Network -> HKGPX. By turning on the option, HKGPX is used automatically when possible.

  • It shows Network Error when turning on HKGPX!

    Please use wifi or VPN and try again.

  • I can't search/reply!

    Again, not my problem.

  • I can't login! I am locked out for 24 hours.

    1. Remove your account from account management.
    2. Wait for 24 hours.
    3. Login again.

    It's because HKGolden's server is too suck that they had internal error, causing this issue.
    Do NOT attempt to login during the lockout period, or else the lockout will be longer.

  • How do I hide my viewed / replied / lmed color hint at topic list?

    Settings -> Privacy -> Hidden Area

  • How do I hide my username?

    Settings -> Privacy -> Hidden Area

  • How do I hide any usernames at profile page?

    Settings -> Privacy

  • How do I add password protect for datHKG?

    Settings -> Privacy

  • I am on MTR, how do I temporarily hide everything about me?

    Long click forum name at top action bar.

  • (<= 0.0.9b) Some GIFs are corrupted!

    It's because datHKG uses Ion as image library. Ion has an unresolved GIF corruption bug.

  • Images can't be loaded when using HKGPX

    Nobody knows.